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Conditions of Use

These general terms and condition of sales apply exclusively to the commercial relation between Rallye - miniature and the person who made the purchase and /or the order.
You declare to have acquainted and accepted these general conditions of sales before you made the order. The validation of your order means that you accept these general conditions of sales except contrary proof, data registered by RALLY-MINIATURE.COM represent the proof of all the transactions made between and its customers. saves itself the possibility to adapt or modify, at any time, these general conditions of sales. In case of modification, it will be applied to each order the current general conditions of sales of the day of the order.
Consequently, the conclusion of the sales contract and the general conditions of sales imply the whole membership and without reserve of the customer to those excepted all others documents like Leaflet, pamphlets, catalogs issued by Rallye-miniature because of their indicative value. No particular condition, except formal and written acceptance from the sales management Rallye-Miniature, SERVENT SARL – 2 Rue du Beffroi Appartement 31 07100 Annonay, can prevail against the general conditions of sales.


The orders are valid when they are made on the website
The prices are free of charges. During periods of promotion, carrier charges can be free.
Any modification of the order by the customer can be taken into account if it’s not written before the delivery of the products.
Besides, any modification accepted by Rallye-miniature can entail an increase of the delivery time and the invoicing.
Please note that we will deliver your order into the limit of our availability. A delay of 4 or 6 weeks can be necessary if the product is not in stock.
In case of cancellation of the sale by ourselves, the deposit made by the customers will be entirely returned.
Rallye miniature reserves the right to cancel or decline any order made by a customers who has already a dispute of payment with a previous order.
Regarding items in “pre-order”: the official release date is put up on the product file on our website. The pre-order gives you the possibility to buy and reserve your product in advance.
Please note that if you buy others products with your pre-order, everything will be shipped at the same date.


1) Payment by check (Only for France)
Invoices can be paid cash without discount no later than the day of the order.
The total price is the price of your purchase plus the delivery fees.
You payment has to be sent to :
To the following address:
2 Rue du Beffroi Appartement 31
07100 Annonay

Your order is then actual during 7 days. Without receipt of your check and after a dely of 7 days, your order will be automatically cancelled.

2) Payment by bank transfer
Invoices can be paid cash without discount no later than the day of the order.
The total price is the price of your purchase plus the delivery fees.
Information relative to the bank transfer are written on the website before the confirmation.

3) Online payment with credit card (deferred debit)
The online payment can be made by credit card (VISA EUROCARD MASTERCARD, CARTE BLEUE).
The transaction in entirely secure by encoding of the data SSL (Secure Socket Layer): When you register you card number on our website, all the data are transmitted by an encoding key allowing the use of the bank data. This key does not contain any risk of hacking. All the information in relation with the payment are encoding into your own computer to the secured server. You will receive then an email of confirmation of your order with the number of the transaction.  The debt will be made by the time of the shipment.

4) Payment by PAYPAL
The payment of your purchase can be made by credit card: VISA, MASTERCARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS and other credit card.
The payment by credit card is completely secure: your order will be registered and validated with the acceptance of the payment by PAYPAL. The information of your credit card are encoding and never appear clearly on the network. The payment is directly made by PAYPAL.


Items bought on can be sent worldwide.
The delivery can be made directly either to the customer by hand or by informing him that products are available.
A delivery order will be communicate along with your parcel.
The delays of provision vary from the supply and delivery of Rallye-miniature.
The delays given are an average of the usual delays and correspond to the delay of treatment and delivery.
Products are sent to the delivery address you gave during your order.
In case of items delayed due to pre-order, Rallye-miniature is allowed to share the delivery in several times. In this case, you will only pay the delivery fee for 1 shipment. Rallye-miniature will not be responsible for the consequence due to a delay of supply.

Are considered as cases of force majeure unburdening Rally-miniature of its bond to deliver: war, riot, fire, strike, accident, impossibility to be supplied.
We will keep you informed if any above cases occur
The delivery in the good delay can occur only if you are up to date with Rally-miniature.

During a delivery, you have to check the conformity of the goods immediately when you receive the parcel.
 In case of absence, a calling card will be put in your mailbox.
During the receipt of the parcel, check it immediately. In case of missing, defective items, please make complaint the day of the delivery and no late than 7 full days following the delivery at: Rallye-miniature – Servent SARL – 2 Rue du Beffroi Appartement 31 07100 Annonay. On your complaint slip, fill in your address, invoice number, product reference. We will proceed to the exchange of the good without extra fee.
The return of products in case of wrong product will be accepted for full product, in their state of origin.

In order to satisfy you, Rallye-miniature makes a commitment to exchange the product for the equivalent or in the same range.
This way implies that:
-The product or the whole products included in the offer must be sent back within a delay of 7 open days.
- All the products must be sent back at the original state and packing with all the components and documents (invoice, instructions);
- Each of the products does not have to contain of failure due to the shock

We inform you that according to the article L.121-16 of the Consumption Code you have a delay of 7 days from the reception of the good to send back the product(s) and ask for a pay-off without penalties except the delivery fee.
If this delay expiry a Saturday, Sunday of a day of bank holiday, it’s extended until the 1st following open day. You can cancel your order within this delay without any explanation.
The right of retraction cannot be exercised, except when the parts agreed there otherwise, for contracts:
- Stationery of possessions made according to the specifications of the consumer or sharply personalized.

The legal guarantee of the latent defects
The supplier guarantee latent defects of the good sold according to article 1641 of Civil Code.
The new products are guarantees against any defect of material or manufacturing during a duration of one year, as from the date of purchase or reception by the salesman, on presentation of the invoice.
By this guarantee the only obligation due by the salesman will be the free exchange by an equivalent product or in the same range.
By the eighth day after the delivery, all product which need the guarantee must necessarily has to be beforehand subjected to the service after sale of the salesman whose the agreement is essential for any exchange. Extra fees have to be paid by the purchaser.

 The agreement between the service after sale and the supplier has to come with the invoice or buying ticket from Rallye-miniature, these ones used for guarantee.
Failure due to external shocks (set up made by another person) or by a modification of the product not planned nor specified by the salesman are out of the guarantee.
Are also excluded:
- Damages captivating the responsibility of third one or resultant of a fault.
- Knocks, shocks, falls, scratches.

The salesman or his legal successors save themselves the property of the goods up to the complete payment of all the sums which would be due to him by the buyer.
In case of discord on the restoration of the material, this one can be obtained by prescription.

Any total or partial reproduction of the catalog of Rally-miniature is strictly forbidden without preliminary agreement.
All the illustrations or the images reproduced on rally are reserved in conformance with the copyright as well as in conformance with the intellectual property and for the whole world. As such and according to the capacities(measures) of the code of the intellectual, only property is authorized the use for a custom(usage) private under reserves of different capacities(measures) even more restrictive of the code of the intellectual property.

The proposed products are in accordance with the French legislation current and with the apllicables standards in France. Photos, texts, graphics, information and characteristics reproduced and illustrating the presented products are not contractual. Consequently, the responsibility of Rally-miniature would not be engaged in case of error or omission in one of these photos, texts or graphics, information or characteristics of the products or in case of modification of the characteristics of products.
We would not be considered as person in charge of the non-fulfillment of the contract concluded in case of shortage of stock or unavailability of the product, the force majeure, the disturbance or the strike notably postal services and means of transportation andor communications, floods, fire.

All outstanding payments due at the expiration date entail the application of the due legal interest on simple demand of the salesman.
The non-payment of the customer will entail the systematic implementation of procedures of judicial coverings on which expenses and depend will be in his only load.
In case of delivery of the bad debt in contentious covering, after fruitless formal demand by registered letter sent to the address of invoicing, the customer makes irrevocably a commitment to pay 10 % of the sums owed as penalty clause and it independently of the interests.

For any complaint, you will have to present the original invoice with the litigious product the parts will look for before any contentious action a mutual agreement.
The rules of skills of the courts are governed by the new code of civil procedure in case of dispute of all kinds or of contestation relative to the formation or the execution of the order andor the sale. This clause applies even in case of emergency proceeding, of incidental demand or of defendants plurality and whatever is the mode or the methods of payment.
The present contract is subjected to the French law. The language of the present contract is the French language. In case of dispute with professionals andor storekeepers the courts of Valence (France) will be competent. In case of dispute, the French courts will be only competent.

Rallye-Miniature makes the commitment not to reveal in third parties the information which you communicate us. These are confidential. They will be used only for the treatment of your order and to strengthen and personalize the communication reserved for the customers of the company. Consequently, according to the article 34 of the computing law and liberties, you have a right of access, rectification and opposition to the particulars concerning yourselves. For that purpose, it is enough to make to us the on-line demand or by mail by indicating your name, first name, address and if possible your customer reference to the address: Rallye-miniature, Servent SARL, 2 Rue du Beffroi Appartement 31 07100 Annonay.